This page discusses Pyrotechnics and chemistry projects. Pyrotechnics are dangerous; treat them with respect and with proper safety precautions. Use common sense, I accept no responsibility for any harm or damage that may occur as a result of any of the information contained herein.  Nobody can be responsible for your actions except you. Any chemistry experiment, no matter how simple it may seem, has the potential of being dangerous even if you follow directions exactly. You should note that even the most experienced people can make mistakes, that result in tragic consequences. Furthermore, this is not some "Anarchy", "1337 b0/\/\Bz" ,"1337 t3XtFilEz" or "hacker" site, or any bullshit that some 13yr old k3\/\/L would like. If you fit this profile, then I reccomend you piss off and actually learn from real sources rather than your shitty "cookbooks" and "textfiles". Anyone else who is actually intelligent may proceed.

I do not recommend that you take up this as your hobby, as it is potentially dangerous to your life.


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